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We see endless opportunities

Romanesco broccoli or Roman cauliflower, close up shot from above

TraItomic is The fastest route to new traits

· Works in ALL plants & microbes
· Global regulatory & consumer acceptance
· Surgical precision and accuracy

We offer support in 3 areas

From start-ups to large international companies, regardless of the technology or methodology they are using today, we can offer support and add value in tree main areas.

Helping maximise the nutritional value and the quality of final products.
Improving robustness and effectiveness in the challenging environments they will be used.
Optimising our customers’ bespoke processes.
Our commercial approach

No trait, no cost

Believing unconditionally in our method and track record, we can offer customers an alternative and fresh approach. Once we take on a project, we will only expect to be reimbursed AFTER the challenge has been solved.

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We collaborate with our customers on their product development challenges

Our customers operate at different stages in the food and beverage industry, both for human and animal nutrition. We also collaborate with universities and other research-focused organisations.

The journey always starts with us taking the time to listen and fully understand what is required and within which time frame. We are proud to help many of our customers accelerate their innovation pipeline.

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our customers are:

Producers of raw materials used in the development of edible foodstuffs.

A lot of soy beans seen from above
E.g. soy bean or microbes

Producers of ingredients used in a different company’s final product.

A grey cup of protein powder on top of a lot of powder seeing from above
E.g. protein or enzymes

Producers of a complete, market ready product.

Two raw meat patties on top of a wooden table
E.g. hamburgers or yoghurt
Golden wheat field

From short term interaction to long term partnerships.

There are different levels in how we collaborate with our customers depending on the duration of the relationship, the number of trait libraries required to create the exact trait we desire, etc. Each has its costings and timings.

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