How we do it


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We accelerate our customers' innovation pipeline

Combining the largest populations ever made, with the world’s most efficient selection system, we are the fastest developer of new traits in plants and microbes.

In many cases, we can provide instant access to specific traits, ready for studies or incorporation into commercial breeding pipelines.

Our modular approach

We search for the solution, not by looking vertically within a plant or microbe silo but by looking horizontally across a wide range of scientific fields to find the best Traitomic Plan of Approach for our customers’ needs.

We manage our customers’ commissions with an easy to follow four-phase approach:

1. Orientation

The journey always starts with us taking the time to listen and fully understand what is required and within which time frame. Gathering all relevant and necessary information ensures clarity on what the customer requires to be developed, and results in a tailor-made Traitomic Plan of Approach (TPOA) for the project.

2. Library creator

Our proprietary process of developing libraries is named the LibraryCreator. There are several facets to the LibraryCreator, but we at Traitomic are masters in building and creating new libraries. We have been doing this for many years, making us accurate and fast, and able to optimize the platform to customers’ needs

3. Trait tracker

Our proprietary process of identifying and extracting the desired traits is our TraitTracker Procedure, which is based on Carlsberg’s FIND-IT methodology, consisting of two steps:

  • THE SEEKER: our bespoke screening part of the process
  • THE SELECTOR: our bespoke extraction part of the process

4. Implementation

Whether an ingredient, part of another product, or the complete product itself, the end product is now ready for our customers’ final commercial validation.
We offer our expertise and support for this crucial phase in the project. We understand and respect that the customer is in the lead and we are back up when, and if, this is required or necessary.

Whether from plant seeds or from microbial strains, we are proud to help many of our customers accelerate their innovation pipeline.

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